Pain is our body’s general indication that there is something wrong— either you are injured or sick. It’s one of our main concerns is to make sure that your loved ones have access to pain management. Untreated pain, can change the way our mind and body function. However it affects everyone in different way, depending on our level of pain tolerance & how we react to it.

Here are the two most common types of pain that you should be aware of.

Acute Pain 

This is a mild to sharp pain that suddenly occurs and has a short duration. Acute pain is often associated to damages in the muscles or bones. Examples of acute pain are headaches, paper cut, hand burn, sprained ankle, and toothache. Generally, this can be treated quickly with prescribed pain relievers, but it still depends on the cause and severity of the pain.

Chronic Pain

On other hand, lasts longer even after the injury has been healed. It leaves active signals, as the pain remains stubbornly resistant to medical treatment. This intermittent type of pain may last more than three months. Arthritis, deteriorating spine disks, endometriosis, and diabetic neuropathy are some of the examples of chronic pain.

Other patients who suffer from chronic pain can develop side effects such as sore and tensed muscles, difficulty to move, and anxiety. Treatment for this type of pain is complex. That it is why it should be tailor-fit to the needs of the patient..

When suffering from either acute or chronic pain, it is a must to seek for the help of professional team capable in handling pain management and treatment. At Holding Hands Hospice, we provide comprehensive and aggressive method in treating the patient’s pain. Call us now to learn more about our services.