Holding Hands Hospice offers respite care, a temporary care service that gives leeway to regular caregivers. This leeway allows them to focus on themselves or their other engagements. If you have a family member or know someone who cares for their loved one, here are some reasons to consider respite care.

Professional Care Anytime of the Year

Regular family caregivers do not have time for themselves. They devote much of it to their elders who are in need of their support, but once in a while they need rest and recreation too. Give this well-deserved vacation to your family caregiver through respite care. Rest assured that with respite care, your loved one is still under the care of professional hands.

Fast Care Assistance In Case of Emergency

An urgent family emergency, extreme weather condition, or even sickness can prevent a regular caregiver to function and fulfill his/her duties. Such unexpected cases will leave a person troubled and worried knowing that a family member requires professional care. Respite care may be scheduled immediately to answer the need for home care service. In fact, our lines at Holding Hands Hospice are always open to take your call.

Temporary Care Made Available

Many seniors are still capable enough to look after themselves. Only when times they are sick that a professional respite caregiver is requested to support at the comforts of their homes. Respite care does not only improve the patient’s health condition, but it also helps their quality of living.

We at Holding Hands Hospice of Dallas help our patients by providing quality and organized care. This includes daily living assistance, dietary management, rehabilitative & therapeutic activities, and various medical services.

Please feel free to call us today for respite care services. Our representatives are always ready to assist you anywhere in Mesquite, Dallas, Garland Texas areas. Thank you and have a nice day!