The death of a loved one can be the most difficult time for someone. As a friend or family member, it can be hard to console and help them since this is also the time when they feel most alone. It is understandable if you don’t know how to act and what to say or do since no one can fully comprehend someone’s grievances. It is however, important that you are there for that person. Here are a couple of easy and practical ways on how you can show that you are there by their side during this grief process.

Don’t Wait for Them to Ask for Help

Don’t be the friend who says “Call me if you need anything” or “Is there anything else I can help you with?” Instead, be that person who takes initiative and doesn’t need to wait for instructions — the reliable one. It is already hard for the grieving person to make sense of what is happening, so you should be able to identify simple needs without asking.

Help in The Little Things

You can help by doing small, simple tasks like walking the dog, getting the mail, watering plants, and cleaning the dishes. In cleaning, however, be careful not to step on a last memory. For instance, don’t throw the trash unless you are certain that there is nothing there from the diseased. You might also accidentally wash clothes that have remaining scent of the person. It is better if you check with others first before stepping in.

Get Paper and Disposable Items for a While

Running out of tissue should be the last thing to happen during this time. You can make sure that the cabinets are well-stocked with tissue, toilet paper and paper bags. Also, since there will be guests, have paper cups and plates ready so the grieving person doesn’t have to worry about washing the dishes. It’s these little things that can help a lot.

Take Note of Mementos

If you are not that familiar with the deceased person’s history, then now is the time. Take note of birthdays, anniversaries, and memorable dates because those are the times when the grieving person will be vulnerable and in need of comforting.

If you have a friend or family who is concerned about making their terminally ill loved one feel as comfortable as possible, know that we at Holding Hands Hospice are here to help. Our representatives are always available to accommodate and help to folks that live in the Mesquite, Dallas, Garland Texas areas.