There are a hundred ways Rowlett Hospice Care can go wrong, and it only takes one to ruin the quality of life of a patient’s remaining days. The responsibility of a Hospice facility, therefore, extends beyond regular nursing practices. It requires constant consideration of the patient’s comfort, pain management, medication, and emotional health as well as their respective family’s wellbeing.

We at Holding Hands Hospice understand the challenges of providing Hospice Services all too well. This is why we always tell our patients in Rowlett and the rest of the Dallas Fort Worth, Texas area that Hospice Care should only be handled by professionals with genuine concern. If you are currently looking for a Hospice team to help you or your loved one, our doors are always open to welcome you.


Assisted Living VisitsApplying a customized Hospice Care plan for patients residing in an assisted living facility in Rowlett, Texas.

Hospice Crisis CareUndergoing immediate close assessment to patients who have suffered from short-term medical emergencies in order to manage their symptoms right away.

Respite Care Providing quality Hospice Care Services at the patient’s home while ensuring his/her safety and comfort even while the family members or resident nurse are away.

Grief Programs – Walking the patient’s family and friends through the grieving process through our comprehensive and personalized programs and counselling. We also have a team geared to help your loved ones understand Hospice and coming to terms with your current medical condition.

Medication Management Making sure that the patient is properly taking the prescribed medication at the right time and conditions, and in doing so lessening the risk of overspending and overdose.

Nurses – Offering only the most professional and well-trained nurses to come and visit our patients to provide Hospice Care Services as well as regular reporting on the patient’s condition, proper nutrition, and therapeutic care.

Pain ManagementApplying only the best and top of the line pain management strategies to help alleviate and manage emotional, psychological, and physical pain.

Medical Equipment – Providing a wide array of quality medical equipment to care for our patients, which includes custom wheelchairs, bathroom and shower aids, feeding pumps, respiratory equipment, to name a few.


There is a reason why Holding Hands Hospice carries a well-established reputation in Rowlett and the rest of the Dallas Fort Worth, Texas area when it comes to Hospice Services. We are known as the Hospice facility that delivers, from succeeding in aggressive pain management strategies to conducting professional care at home or in an assisted living facility.