In spite of the continuous strides in medicine and health care, the idea of having a patient with a life-threatening and life-limiting condition under Hospice facilities remains restricted and sometimes taboo in some areas in the Lone Star State. Unfortunately, not all families are open to the idea, or worse, have a very loose grasp of what Hospice Care stands for.

We at Holding Hands Hospice firmly believe that quality Hospice Care should be accessible to everyone who needs it. Every patient deserves to live out the rest of his/her remaining days making memories and under as much comfort as possible. This is why for many years we have consistently provided only the best kind of Hospice Services for the residents of Richardson and the rest of the Dallas Fort Worth, Texas area.


Assisted Living Visits Customizing a specific Hospice Care plan and continuously providing it to patients in any assisted living facility in Richardson.

Hospice Crisis Care – Conducting urgent close assessment if the patient has undergone or suffered a sudden short-term medical event in order to aid in managing the patient’s symptoms.

Respite Care – Providing quality Hospice Care Services at the comfort of our patient or their loved one’s home in Richardson, Texas. This includes ensuring the patient’s safety and comfort while family members are away.

Grief Programs – Helping friends and family of the patient/diseased through the grieving process with our comprehensive grief programs, which include guidance about decision making, understanding what Hospice is about, addressing social and spiritual concerns, and adapting to the current condition.

Medication Management – Ensuring that the patient is properly taking all their prescribed medication at the right time. This will greatly help in managing the side effects of the medicine as well as lessen the risk of overspending on medication and overdose. Medication management also includes orienting the patient and their families on the current prescribed drugs.

Nurses – Offering only the most professional and well-trained nurses to come and visit our patients to provide Hospice Care Services as well as regular reporting on the patient’s condition, proper nutrition, and therapeutic care.

Pain Management – Implementing aggressive and comprehensive pain management strategies to help alleviate the suffering of our patients. Our programs cover emotional, psychological, and physical pain.

Medical Equipment – Providing a wide array of the best quality medical equipment to care for our patients and their families alike, including but not limited to custom wheelchairs, bathroom and shower aids, feeding pumps, respiratory equipment, and more.


Professionalism. Quality Hospice Facilities. Empathy and Sympathy towards our Patients. We at Holding Hands Hospice do not, under any circumstance, compromise on these three things and you can be rest assured that these are the first things you and your loved ones will receive once you avail of our Hospice Services here in Richardson, Texas.

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