Here at Holding Hands Hospice, we always consider two parties when accepting a new patient for Hospice Care — the patient himself, and their respective loved ones. In fact, we acknowledge that Garland is a city with deeply rooted with family values. We personally understand the importance of keeping one’s family connected despite the toughest hurdles, which includes life-threatening and life-limiting illnesses in need of Hospice. This is why all our Garland Hospice Care Services are tailored not only to serve the patient, but also to help their respective families as well.


Assisted Living VisitsCustomizing a specific Hospice Care plan and continuously providing it to patients in any assisted living facility located in Garland, and the rest of the Dallas Fort Worth, Texas area.

Hospice Crisis CareConducting urgent close assessment if the patient has undergone or suffered a sudden short-term medical event in order to aid in managing the patient’s symptoms. Among the symptoms include sudden aggressive or agitated behavior, bleeding, seizures, pain, diarrhea, to name a few.

Respite CareProviding quality Hospice Care Services at the comfort of our patient or their loved one’s home in Garland, Texas without sacrificing the integrity of the service. Our team is also there to ensure the patient’s safety while family members are away.

Grief ProgramsHelping friends and family of the patient/diseased through the grieving process with our comprehensive grief programs, which include guidance about decision making, understanding what Hospice is about, addressing social and spiritual concerns, and adapting to the current condition.

Medication ManagementEnsuring that the patient is properly taking all their prescribed medication at the right time. This will greatly help in managing the side effects of the medicine as well as lessen the risk of overspending on medication and overdose. Medication management also includes orienting the patient and their families on the current prescribed drugs.

NursesOffering only the most professional and well-trained nurses to come and visit our patients to provide Hospice Care Services as well as regular reporting on the patient’s condition, proper nutrition, and therapeutic care.

Pain ManagementImplementing aggressive and comprehensive pain management strategies to help alleviate the suffering of our patients. Our programs cover emotional, psychological, and physical pain.

Medical EquipmentProviding a wide array of the best quality medical equipment to care for our patients and their families alike, including but not limited to custom wheelchairs, bathroom and shower aids, feeding pumps, respiratory equipment, and more.


We at Holding Hands Hospice firmly believe in “family first.” This is why we always take it upon ourselves to ensure to the patient’s family members that their loved one’s remaining days will be filled with meaningful memories through the best kind of Hospice Care they deserve. Our promise is supported by our continuously high success rates in controlling/alleviating pain, providing an acceptable level of comfort, and other services under Hospice Care in the Dallas Fort Worth, Texas area, including the City of Garland.

The level of dedication our staff here at Holding Hands Hospice is near impossible to outmatch, and you can experience this first hand. Fill out the Contact Form on the side of the website or Please Call us today so our Garland Hospice experts and representatives can get in touch with you as soon as possible.