Here at Holding Hands Hospice, many of our clients ask us for advice on how to make the remaining days count. Here’s a quick read that will help you give the nearly departed the send-off they deserve.

Help them Look Back at the Lives They’ve Led

It’s important to make sure your loved one sees the meaning in the moments that have come to pass. Remind them of their days at school, their first great love, and the moments that filled them with pride. The secret is in encouraging them to take a retrospective, and express the admiration they deserve when they open up.

Help them Recognize that They’re Still Living in the Now

It’s a fact we often forget ourselves, but our modern world offers limitless reasons to feel childlike wonder. Lead your loved one to appreciate the fact that although their life may be reaching its conclusion. They still belong to a time of miracles and marvels. Reintroduce them to wonder, whether it’s through an effects-driven blockbuster hit, a re-mastered version of a classic musical track, or a new gadget or device unlike anything that’s been on the market before.

Assure them that the Future Will Be Fine

The last thing on your loved one’s mind should be the practical worries they’ll be leaving behind. Give them the benefit of knowing that after their passing everything will be all right. That their friends and family will be well taken care of, and practical concerns i.e. financial is no problem. The easiest way to do this is by putting in the work and planning so that your assurances reflect the truth. Take care of your health, happiness, and finances — if not for your own sake, then for the peace of mind of your suffering loved one.

Your loved one deserves to see the beauty in the lives they’ve led, the moments they have remaining, and the future that they’ll be leaving behind. Visit our blog again for more insights and tips in helping your terminally ill family member feel more comfortable. Feel free to call us any time here at Holding Hands Hospice for more professional help.